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ramtayao awungshi
F| 28 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:3-5 yrs |SGL |Chinese Language and Literature
Residence:p42/6 chitral line, sadar bazar, delhi cantt delhi 110010 In
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Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:Negotiable|Want to go to work at Jinan
Status:I can be quickly to come
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Education Summary i graduated from jawaharlal nehru university, india in 2012. my major in college was chinese language and literature.after graduation, in the year 2013, i got a scholarship to study in china for a year. i studied one year chinese language in shandong normal university, jinan. Work Experience i have worked as a part time english tutor while i was studying in shandong normal university. after graduation, i started a full time job as a translator in a chinese company on a contract basis. currently i am engaged with the same.
2010-9 to 2012-7
Bachelor|jawaharlal nehru univerisity|chinese language and literature
2014-9 to 2015-7
Diploma|shandong normal university|chinese language
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