Refresh Time:2018-02-28
F| 44 Y/O.| Master| Experience:>10 yrs |Height: 155CM |mar. |Fine Arts
Residence:Binzhou City,Shandong prov.
Good Image
Speaking eloquently
Honest and trustworthy
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:5K~10K/mon|Want to go to work at UL
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
Result oriented, aims to achieve the goal the easiest way possible before or within the given time.Teach, train and help students to use the English language as a tool for communication, improve academic performance and for any other purposes it may serve.
2005-9 to 2006-7
Master|Baguio Central University|Linguistics
Experience(He/she worked for 11mons and at2 positions)
2007-9 to 2008-7
English Teacher|Hua Mei Foreign Language Academy
Achievement:As an English Teacher: To ensure high quality level of Education. Promote friendly environment conducive for learning.
2012-9 to 2014-8
English Teaching Director|Hua Mei One World Kindergarten
Achievement:Satisfactory Performance is based on the result of given tasks which were carried out satisfactory. Responsibilities: Instruct the Foreign Teachers about the lessons. Inform the Foreign Teachers about English related activities and changes on given sc
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