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William Faust
M| 49 Y/O.| Master| Experience:>10 yrs |Height: 190CM |mar. |Management Science
Good Image
Honest and trustworthy
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:10K>/mon|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
I am quite adventurous, well educated, liberal, inquisitive, progressive and lively. I try to always have lots of enthusiasm and focus for all my endeavors as well as maintaining a high personal energy level in general. Moreover, I am rather intimate, quixotic, passionate and tender as well as very open and honest. I believe I am charismatic and have excellent interpersonal communication skills.Furthermore, for leisurely activity, I prefer elegant refined pursuits. I value integrity, personal rapport and commitment very highly.
1999-9 to 2001-7
Master|University of Hawaii at Manoa|International Relations
1997-9 to 1999-7
Bachelor|University of Hawaii at Manoa|Government and Foreign Affairs
1995-9 to 1997-6
Junior College|Honolulu Community College|Liberal Arts
1993-9 to 1995-7
Junior College|Honolulu Community College|Liberal Arts
Experience(He/she worked for 2yrs9mons and at5 positions)
2014-9 to 2015-7
Vice Professor|Jilin Agricultural Science & Technology
Achievement:Teach English language based international communications, economics, business & trade practices as well as intercultural communications & international relations utilizing advanced classroom technology to undergraduate students in various programs
2015-1 to 2015-12
Associate Professor|Beihua University
Achievement:Develop intensive classes designed to teach fundamental English communication skills to undergraduate lower division aviation & industrial fabrication engineering students.
2014-9 to 2015-6
International Lecturer|Jilin University of Finance and Economic
Achievement:Teaching American business practices, economics & Western culture to undergraduate & postgraduate students in various programs of study within the economics department.
2012-9 to 2014-7
Educator|AIM Corporation
Achievement:Facilitate comprehensive learning for advanced language skill students to develop requisite proficiencies necessary for admission into various graduate level programs of study internationally & domestically.
2011-9 to 2014-6
Instructor|University of California Berkeley East
Achievement:Develop, write & coordinate training manuals working with company subject matter experts for specific details & purposes; use various training methods from in person to online & webinars/live via technology; prepares training videotapes and/or films; main
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