Refresh Time:2019-07-03
Devanand Nagessar (Dave)
M| 27 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:1-3 yrs |SGL |Other
Residence:13325 Fairway Glen Dr. Unit 201
TESOL Certificate
Honest and trustworthy
A Little Chinese
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:Negotiable|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
English Tutor, two and a half years of experience, assisted native English speakers with essay organization and mechanics; teach in-class grammar workshops; Worked with English second language learners in assistance with conversational English; TEFL certified and has extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and history; Taken two and a half years of Mandarin Chinese classes.
2013-9 to 2015-6
Bachelor|University of Central Florida|Dave Nagessar
Experience(He/she worked for 1yrs4mons and at3 positions)
2011-9 to 2015-8
Baker|Publix Supermarkets
Achievement:Focused on bread and pastry production, but also supervised overall bakery production
2014-9 to 2015-7
English Tutor|Valencia College
Achievement:Assist college students with essay organization and mechanics Hold intensive sessions to improve students’ understanding of grammar; Create and present workshops that focus on grammar and structuring essays
2015-9 to 2015-12
Conversation Partner|English Language Institute
Achievement:Aided international students in practicing and improving their conversational English skills
2013-9 to 2015-6
TEFL certificate|University of Central Florida
Training DESC:(180 hr); College of Arts of Humanities; completed 135 hours on-site training
2013-9 to 2015-6
Asian Studies|University of Central Florida
Training DESC:College of Arts and Humanities; 4 semesters of formal study in Mandarin Chinese Gained insight into Asian history and culture, particularly China.
2015-12TEFL Certificate
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