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Charles Pitrolo
M| 62 Y/O.| Master| Experience:>10 yrs |mar. |Primary Education
Residence:105 Linda Lane, Fairmont, WV 26554 USA
Have an affinity for
Speaking eloquently
Honest and trustworthy
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:10K>/mon|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
I am a retired educator with 36 years of active, continuous service. Licensures include education (K-12), Education Administration, English as a Second Language. In addition to studying education as an undergraduate, I also studied music education. I taught middle school science and math for twenty years. At the district level, I designed and taught both instructional and productivity applications to district administrators and instructional staff. Interests and hobbies include music performance, outdoor activities, archery, fishing, hiking, and involvement with community outreach and education.
1976-5 to 1980-12
Bachelor|Fairmont State University|Elementary Education
Experience(He/she worked for 3yrs and at1 positions)
1980-12 to 2016-12
Teacher/Administrator/Director|Marion County Board of Education
Achievement:Teacher, Principal, Technology Coordinator, ESL Director, Kindergarten Liaison, Music Supervisor, Lead Teacher Adult Education Center
2005-8 to 2007-8
ESL|Marshal University
Training DESC:Course curriculum completion for state certification as ESL-qualified
2007-8English as a Second Language
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