Refresh Time:2018-10-11
Luis Quinones
M| 55 Y/O.| Master| Experience:5-10 yrs |SGL
Residence:South African
Intention Jobs
Position:English Teacher
Salary:Negotiable|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:To wait & see a good job
Contact Info
Experience(He/she worked for 3yrs4mons and at9 positions)
2014-3 to 2018-5
English Teacher|Chinese Universities and schools
Achievement:English Teacher
1989-6 to 2005-12
Owner and Manager|Private Accommodation Business
Achievement:Was in the business of renting out upmarket furnished accommodation to South Africans and tourists from abroad.
2015-7 to 2015-8
English Teacher (summer holiday)|Web International English, Shanghai
Achievement:English Teacher to younger learners and adults
2012-10 to 2012-11
English Teacher|Pathumwilai School, Thailand
Achievement:Teaching Oral English in Pathumwilai High School, Pathumthani, Thailand, during Thai school holidays. (extra classes)
2012-1 to 2012-3
English Teacher|LAL Language School, Cape Town
Achievement:Oral English Teacher to younger learners.
2012-5 to 2012-9
English Teacher|Interlink, Cape Town, South Africa
Achievement:English Teacher (one-on-one teaching) to a Postgraduate graduated adult German gentleman.
1987-12 to 1994-12
Admin Manager, Transport Dept.|Civil Service, South Africa
Achievement:In charge of all administration for a pool of 4000 Government vehicles, which were used by all government departments.
2009-3 to 2011-3
Personal Assistant and Chauffeur|Consulate General of Brazil
Achievement:Chauffeur to the Ambassador, also after hours, when necessary, as well as assisting with admin work inside the Consulate in Cape Town, South Africa.
2006-2 to 2009-2
Chauffeur, Luxury Car Division|AVIS Rent-a-Car, Cape Town
Achievement:Transportation of VIP clients, eg. Company Directors, CEO's, Politicians and wealthy private individuals in luxury cars, rented to the clients, with a driver. Chauffeur would pick clients up at airports, hotels or private residences and deliver where required.
2010-11Bachelors Degree (online)
2013-12Master's Degree (online)
2011-5100 hours in-class TEFL Cert.
1980-11Senior Cert. (High School)
$200 Off 4 Week TEFL