Refresh Time:2018-09-26
Maya Patel
F| 34 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:>10 yrs |Height: 163CM |SGL |Fine Arts
Nationality:United States
Residence:2775 Hidden Hills Way
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:10K>/mon|Want to go to work at Shenyang
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
California State University, Fullerton May 2013 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, SB 2042 Emphasis in the ARTS Emphasis in English Language Development and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English University of California, Riverside August 2008 Bachelor of Art in Sociology
2003-9 to 2009-6
Bachelor|University of California River|Sociology/education
Experience(He/she worked for 4mons and at2 positions)
2012-7 to 2012-9
placement student teaching|John. Stallings Elementary
Achievement:John. Stallings Elementary 8 Week placement student teaching Mrs. Forrester, 5th grade Fall 2012 Administered and lead small group lessons using California state standards and curriculum. Created and administered a Math case study for an English language learner that helped her maintain grades in that area. Developed unique classroom management strategies and behavior management skills. Manipulated a Social Studies Lesson on the 3 branches of government that became a Mystery Clue game using State standards and curriculum. Administered a Reading assessment for a student that identified specific language deficiencies. After which I was able to identify the steps necessary to progress the students reading and writing ability in English.
2009-2 to 2011-6
Manager/Tutor|Leading Edge Learning Center
Achievement:Leading Edge Learning Center 2 year experience February 2009-June 2011 Manager/Tutor ($20/hr) Developed individual lesson plans based on STAR test prep assessments Created schedules for tutors and students to meet in accordance with company policy. Administered student progress reports for every student with the Alvord school district after every 12 and 24 hours of tutoring with the company. Monitored students while taking practice STAR tests on site and was responsible for tracking student progress.
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