Do I need a physical exam?
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Anyone coming to China to teach is required to have a full medical examination in order to meet the guidelines for working in China. This includes test results recorded on an "official" Chinese health form, chest x-ray, ECG, blood tests, Hepatitis and Syphilis test, and HIV/AIDS test. If the medical is done in the home country, all original results must be brought into China and presented to the host institution. These complete your file for the Public Security Bureau, allowing you to receive a Residency Permit. If the medical is not done in the home country, it must be performed in China after arrival at the host institution. Without a medical exam, a person cannot live and work in China. The medical form should be stamped with an official physician, clinic, or hospital stamp. A teacher should be current with vaccinations and any other injections deemed necessary to international travel as advised by the physician. Unless teaching for a period of time in the extreme southern part of China, people do not need to worry about malaria or other tropical diseases. It is wise to have a vaccination certificate (WHO) listing your inoculations and dates of injections in case they are needed for any reason.