Student visa (X-visa)
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Student Visa (X-visa) is issued to a foreign citizen who comes to China for the purpose of study, advanced study or intern practice for a period of more than 6 months. A foreign citizen who is to study in China for less than six months should apply for a business visa (F-visa).

1. Please provide the following documents:

(1) For Canadians, please provide the original passport remaining to be valid for at least six months from the date of application with at least 2 blank visa pages. For citizens of other countries, original passport and resident permit or work visa or student visa are needed.

(2) One completed Visa Application Form (e-Form / Download) with a recently-taken colorful passport photo with light background(48mm*33mm) stuck on it; all the items on the application form should be completed neatly with genuine information; if the applicant has a Chinese name, the Chinese name should be filled in. False or incomplete information and illegible characters may lead to refusal of a visa.

(3) Visa Application for Study in China issued by the Ministry of Education of China (Form JW-201 or Form JW-202, original and copy)

(4) Admission Notice (original and copy).

(5) Students admitted by Jinan University (or school of Chinese Language and Culture), Huaqiao University (or Jimei School of Chinese Language and Literature) and 3 schools of Chinese language and literature in Beijing, Kunming and Nanning shall provide Admission notice.

(6) The applicant who attends medical internship shall provide:

a. Application Form for Medical Internship;

b. Admission Notice issued by school of internship placement.

(7) The applicant who will study in China for more than 6 months shall also provide a Physical Examination Record for Foreigner.

(8) Accompanying family dependents can apply for a L-visa. In order to apply for a L-visa, he or she needs to provide proof of kinship, e.g. marriage certificate or birth certificate and the invitation letter.

(9)A child of Chinese origin, applying for a Chinese visa for the first time is required to provide birth certificate and either of his or her parents’ passports or permanent resident cards (such as the Canadian "Permanent Resident Card" or the landing paper)  

(10) Former Chinese citizens applying for Chinese visas with a newly issued/renewed foreign passport for the first time should also provide the original Chinese passport or foreign passport before renewal with all records of Chinese visas on it. Should the applicant's name shown in the above documents are not identical, please provide official certificates. 

2. Method and Time for Submission of Application

(1) Method: An applicant may submit his or her visa application to the Center in person or entrusts someone or a travel agency to submit on his or her behalf. You may book in advance via the Center's website for submission. If you apply visas by post, please check Section ‘Instructions for application by post ’. You may be required to go to the Chinese Consulate-General for an interview if the Chinese Consulate-General deems it necessary.

(2) Visa processing time: Regular visa processing time needs four working days. The Center offers express service or urgent service. For express service, visas will be ready for collection on the third working day. For urgent service, visa will be ready for collection on the second working day (application should be submitted before 11:30 ). For postal service, it approximately takes 2 weeks.

3. Visa fee, period of validity and duration of stay

(1) Pay visa fees and service fees when collecting the passport;

(2) Cash, debit card and credit card are acceptable when making payment

(3) No express or urgent service for postal service

(4) Schedule of Visa Fees and Service Fees

(5) X-visa issued by the Chinese Consulate-General is usually a single-entry visa, valid for three months and with no duration of stay(that is 000 day of stay). Holders of student visa should go through the formalities for a residence permit at a local public security authority within 30 days after entry into China, to avoid illegal stay in China. The period of validity of the residence permit is its holder's duration of stay in China;

(6) Consular Officers decide on the visa's period of validity, duration of stay and number of entry in the light of China's laws and regulations;

(7) Whether a visa is to be issued or not to be issued, and what type of visa is to be issued shall be decided by Consular Officers in the light of China’s relevant laws and regulations.

4. Please note

(1) Please apply for a visa about one month in advance of your intended date of entry into China, and do not apply three months earlier than your intended date of entry into China. You should take upon yourself any consequences resulting from your failure to submit visa application at an appropriate time, which may lead to either your already-issued visa becoming expired or it would be too late to get a visa before your planned departure date. 

(2) The visa application form should be fully filled in and signed by the applicant upon completion (application for an applicant under 18 years of age should be signed by one of his or her parents or guardians). Items which are not applicable should be filled in with N/A.

(3) Consular Officers may request an applicant to provide additional supporting documents when called for. The applicant should submit them as soon as possible.