Introduction to Chinese Visa
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In accordance with their status and the types of passports they hold, different aliens coming to China shall be issued diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visas respectively Ordinary visa shall be marked with different phonetic letters and issued to different aliens according to their stated purposes of visit to China Visa D to aliens who are to reside permanently in China Visa Z to aliens who come to China to take up posts or employment and to their accompanying family members Visa X to aliens who come to China for study, advanced study or job-training for a period of six months or more Visa F to aliens who are invited to China on a visit or study, lecture or business tour, for scientific-technological or cultural exchange, for short-term refresher course or for job-training, for a period of more six months Visa L to aliens who come to China for sight-seeing, visiting relatives or other private purposes A group visa may be issued to a group of nine or more aliens on a sight-seeing trip to China Visa J-1 to resident foreign correspondents in China ; Visa J-2 to foreign correspondents who make short trip to China on reporting tasks Most People enter China on a single-entry Tourism Visa L valid for three months, which is later converted to a multi-entry Employment Visa upon obtaining a Health Certificate and Work Permit After the Employment Visa is obtained, you may apply for dependant visas for your spouse and children You can apply for a visa at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate, Hong Kong travel agencies, or the Airport You will need to present following items: ·One completed application form ·One recently taken passport size photo subject must be bareheaded and facing forward ·A Valid passport with ample blank pages.