Freinet Education Centre · Hangzhou
Zhejiang/Hangzhou Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Freinet Education Centre of Hangzhou is the first Freinet kindergarten in China. It is recognized by the International Federation of Freinet Movement (FIMEM) which includes all Freinet schools in the world.
Our school is addressed to 3 to 6 year-old children. It is a school fit for children, conceived in a practical and reassuring way.
Our curriculum will cover five areas of leaning:
- Language and Writing;
- Science;
- Plastic Arts;
- The Rules of Social Life;
- Physical Education and Sports.
Two reduced size classes : maximun 15 children per class. The work carried out in the form of workshops 4 to 6 children maximum, the workshops are carried out in three separate rooms.
In each class: an English teacher, a teacher and a Chinese agent specializing in nursery schools (ASEM). There will be a French teacher in connection with the French Alliance.

Our school has the ambition to stress language learning : English-Chinese bilingual classes four days a week and bilingual French-Chinese once a week.
For French children, a special program will be offered.
Thanks to our location, we can with the consent of parents, organize research trips in the vicinity of the school: Confucius Temple, Wushan Square ...
The outings will be well supervised: two adults to every four children, each child wearing a fluorescent vest .
Our school will invite outside guests for workshops: professors of the Academy of Fine Arts of China, Painters, Sculptors ...
Parents willing to share, interact with children are also welcome. A parent can come for example to facilitate a workshop or a reading by telling stories to children, a parent with green fingers can come to garden ...
Our school is open to all those who want to share knowledge and information.
Our establishment and ICEM offer training in Freinet pedagogy, we invite teachers, parents and all those interested in this pedagogy to register in our formations.