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Beijing/Haidian Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Field Education was founded in 2011, to determine how best to educate Chinese children and has developed a widespread reputation in this industry throughout the years.
We are dedicated to providing children with an excellent Western style education. It is important when we are young to learn a sense of love and responsibility, to develop good habits and an innovative spirit in order to have a successful future in the 21st Century.
We introduced the concept and system of private schools in the United States with an integrated curriculum system, as well as an integration of the characteristics of Chinese culture combined with traditional Chinese education qualities, which complement each other. We not only provide children with a foundation from which to learn English, but also a platform from which they can plan and build their futures.
Due to our company’s rapid expansion, we currently have 5 centers located in Beijing and more than 65 training centers across China. Field Education International English has become one of the most famous English Language training brands.