Nanjing Studio English Classroom
Jiangsu/Nanjing Language Training School Education/Training 100010K CNY 100-499 per.
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Nanjing Studio English Classroom, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, is one of the best providers of private educational services in Nanjing. Nanjing is a big city located just to the North of Shanghai.

We are now seeking applicants for English teachers as well as Head Teachers for our growing English training centers. We teach not only kids but also adults English. Our students are all well motivated, and very keen to learn! The classes are usually from 1 to 6 students, as well as open salon classes. Our employees enjoy a great salary, especially because Nanjing is so affordable, as well as the opportunity for bonuses based on performances and sales. We provide all curricula, while still allowing for personal creativity in the classroom. Our workweek is 40 hours for 5 days, with a maximum of 25 classroom hours. We also allow an hour for lunch or dinner.

There is a small but friendly and welcoming foreign community here, many of whom have lived in Nanjing for years thanks to the fantastic cost of living and abundant opportunity. The Jiangsu government recently began a free Chinese language program here in Nanjing for foreigners that also provide opportunities to travel and attend cultural events. We like to experience China together, and thanks to the Jiangsu government wea
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