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Jiangsu/Nanjing Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Education First Nanjing is part of the world's largest network of language training providers in the world. With three schools in the city and strong commitment to professional development, we offer year round start dates and a clear career path rising to Senior Teacher and Director of Studies. However long you stay here, you can be sure to feel both challenged and well supported. With our total care package including excellent local salaries, flights, accommodation and health insurance, we offer the perfect starting point for a rewarding career.
Nanjing is the provincial capital of Jiangsu, one of China's most prosperous provinces. Nanjing is situated on the south bank of the Yangtze River and is a large modern Chinese city, which displays many of the traits of old and new China.
The city has twice served as the capital of China and there are many attr****s throughout Nanjing where you can get a feel for China's rich history. Today, Nanjing mixes the old and the new, offering a chance to enjoy traditional Chinese customs and culture side by side with many of the comforts of a modern International city.
The city is also home to a large foreign student population, who attend the cities renowned universities, plus a wealth of foreign trade companies. This has resulted in the city boasting many international restaurants and an active nightlife.
Nanjing has excellent transport ****s with other cities in the region, such as Shanghai (1.5 hours), Suzhou (1 hour), and Hangzhou (2 hours)