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DK Education is an Academic English Organization ****d in Beijing. Co-founded in 2010 by Lucy Haagen, 10 year veteran of the College Board, we partner with top high schools around China to change their attitude and approach to English Language Education. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese high school students to attend and succeed at American Universities by providing them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused English language curriculum.

“Academic English Organization”
DK Education is not another “Test Prep” or “ESL” organization. We focus on preparing students with the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to not only get into, but also succeed at American Colleges and Universities.

The DK Education American English-Language Arts curriculum (or AELA) takes students step by step through real ELA classes that are taught in high performing U.S. classes, from Middle School through the final year of High School, using high quality and uncensored textbooks, and providing students with a fully immersive English education structured around the Common Core standards.

Outside of the classroom, our offices truly reflect the culture of an Education Joint Venture, with a highly diverse and cooperative staff. We value motivated individuals and are always on the lookout for those who are capable of developing strong leadership and managerial skills. Individuals have opportunities not only to be the keynote speaker in annual company academic events since 2011, but also to experience advanced online mock test system created by our company and already used by thousands of students across China and participate in the research and development of the system that will reflect strongly on resumes, no matter your future career goals.