Victoria House of Foreign Languages
Liaoning/Tieling Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Victoria House of Foreign Languages is looking for a couple of new teachers to start work ASAP! Opened since 2001, Victoria House is a school that has been around for a while and is now in the middle of expanding and opening new branches! Also, we have an American supervisor, so we cut out all of the misunderstandings of dealing with a Chinese supervisor. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, easy-going (but enthusiastic and passionate) team… AND a supportive team! If one of us needs anything, we’re all approachable and ready to help.
Tieling City is located in northeastern China (Liaoning Province to be exact). It is a medium-sized city that is about an hour away from Shenyang (the capital of Liaoning). This is a great city to come to if you want to really experience Chinese culture and learn a good clear form of Mandarin. This area also has some really amazing food and very kind locals! Of course, if you do start to crave some good ol’ fast food, you can find KFC and Pizza Hut in Tieling as well. There’s also a mountain right here in town, for those of you who enjoy hiking!
It does get cold in the winter in this region but the apartments here have floor heating which works very well. Tieling is a really neat city because it’s big enough that it pretty much has whatever you need, but it’s not overly modernized, so you can still see some of those really neat old style Chinese villages just on the outskirts of town. If you want a true CHINESE experience, you’ll enjoy Tieling!
We offer 3 flexible contracts so you can choose the one that you will be HAPPY with (if you choose one, however, and wish to change it at a later date for whatever reason, we can discuss that as well). We want our teachers to be happy because happy teachers means happy students, happy colleagues and positive results!