Zhejiang Shuren University
Zhejiang/Hangzhou Local Univ. & College Education/Training 10K CNY 1000-9999 per.
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Zhejiang Shuren University (ZJSRU), established in 1984, is one of China’s earliest privately funded full-time universities since the 1978 national reform.
After nearly 30 years of growth, the university now has a 34 hectare campus accommodating 16,000 full-time students. It boasts a construction area of 320,000 square meters and the library holding over 2,000,000 volumes of books. Currently, ZJSRU offers bachelor degree degrees in economics, management, liberal arts, engineering and law. The 9 schools of the university now has a total of 31 undergraduate programs, among which International Economics and Trade is labeled as a national specialty program, and some provincial key programs in Zhejiang such as Environmental Engineering, Business Management, Computer Science and Technology. In addition, ZJSRU established 26 in-house research institutes and centers, such as Research Center of China for Private Higher Education, Research Center of China for Service Economy, Ceramic Research Institute, and Super Micro and Mass Research Center.
As a teaching and service-focused university, ZJSRU puts an extra emphasis on the compatibility of higher education with regional economy and social development. It dedicates itself to serving students, faculty and staff and communities at large, and has made great progress in academic research, faculty professional development, international education, etc.
Taking quality teaching as its lifeline, ZJSRU is devoted to producing high-level professionals with practical skills. In fact, teaching quality has been steadily improved over the years through policies and projects such as Teaching Quality Improvement Project, Good Class Project, Internship and Training Placement Programs, and Reform on College English and Computer Literacy Teaching. The university is becoming gradually teaching-oriented and producing students of higher quality.