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Beijing/Chaoyang Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Spark future international education is a branch for teenagers of Beijing International Culture Communication Co.,Ltd., with office in Beijing and London.
Our mainly engage in cross-cultural communication international education exchanges, study overseas, international summer and winter camp. We are dedicating to providing a full range of international courses and further overseas study services for students. The aim of department is to build a bridge of international culture exchanges and establish a communication platform for teenagers.

We have cooperative with most of universities, high schools and education agencies in overseas countries. And we have successfully hosted many terms of overseas summer and winter camp, language training, Work & Travel USA. These activities have greatly enriched the students’ holiday, expand their understanding over world, and experience the multicultural.

Our advantages:
Rich education resource of overseas famous school
China representative of overseas university
Diversified programs and Personalized Service

We focus on:
International summer and winter camp
Work and travel overseas
Short and long term study overseas
Teacher training
School investigation
Student exchanges
Recruiting foreign teachers
Interschool cooperation
Cooperative education